Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still searching for a decent track

Today's workout called for 7 miles of General Aerobic running including 10 X 100 meter strides.

On Thursday evening I was at Davidson College and walked past their football stadium, where the track has been closed because workers have been resurfacing the field for the past couple months. It looked like it was finished, but in the darkness I couldn't see the far end of the track. But hurdles were set up for a workout on the back stretch. Surely this meant that the construction work was done.

So this morning I did an easy run of about 4 miles (General Aerobic is supposed to be somewhere between a normal long-run pace and a slow recovery pace), finishing up at the track, only to see workers and heavy equipment still swarming around the field. Argh! I decided to head down to the practice football field to do my strides there.

The turf was quite soft, and I was a little worried about getting injured, but I managed to crank out the strides without incident. Would have been much nicer on a solid, rubberized track, though. Maybe next week.

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