Saturday, February 19, 2011

Running naked

Okay, I wasn't exactly naked this morning, but it kind of felt that way. I was wearing shorts, a T-shirt, shoes and socks. But no Garmin—and that's what made me feel naked. My Garmin 305 GPS trainer has an annoying habit of getting knocked slightly off its cradle. When it does this, it stops recharging and starts draining the battery. Since the battery life of the 305 is something like 13 hours, it invariably means there's no juice for the next morning's run.

In the end it didn't matter much—it was a beautiful morning and I only had to do a 6-mile recovery run. I can still manually enter my mileage on the Garmin Connect site, to make it easier to track my total miles and so on. There are no splits, but for an easy recovery run, the splits are pretty much irrelevant anyways. If it happened before a big race or a more intense workout, it would be a lot more frustrating. But still....

Below you can see what a GPS summary looks like when there's no GPS there.

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