Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The start of a long week

This week involves a lot of mileage. I've got a total of 67 miles planned, including 14 tomorrow, 11 on Friday, and 21 on Sunday. Today I was still feeling a little sore from my 5K on Saturday, so I decided to take it easy on the planned DART tempo run.

Unfortunately I was running a little late and so I had to go a little quicker than I wanted on the 1.3 mile warm-up run into town, so instead of running 9-minute miles I did an 8:50 and an 8:20 pace. Then I met up with Chad, who is still taking things slow because of a stress fracture and tendonitis. We did roughly 8-minute miles for the first 4 miles of the tempo run, and then I decided to pick it up for the last 2 (actually about 1.6 miles). I did Mile 5 in 7:38 and the final .6 miles at roughly a 7:20 pace. Then I sat down with Chad and Marc for coffee before my run home.

On the run home, I could still feel soreness in my hips. But once again I did these miles fairly quickly, roughly an 8:20 pace. So instead of a tempo run with a warm-up and cool-down, I just ended up doing a medium-length run at an 8:07 overall pace. Tomorrow I've got 14 miles; my goal is simply to maintain a consistent pace throughout. I will start out slow, around 9 minute miles, then if I'm feeling good near the end I can pick things up, but if not I should still be able to complete the run without slowing down.

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