Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recap of the Blue Ridge Relay

Over on the Davidson Area Running Team blog, I've written up a very long, very detailed recap of the 208-mile Blue Ridge Relay. Here's a small taste:
Then the big hill started. I was laboring for breath as the hill just kept coming. Would I need to stop and walk? I tried to focus on good posture and good breathing, and I finished Mile 4, with its 212 feet of climbing, in 8:18. Then it got steeper. Breathing got heavier, and I wondered if there was any point to running. I knew that the grade would get as steep as 8 percent. Was it worth it to walk? Finally I gave in and walked for 30 seconds. I started running again, and almost immediately was laboring for breath. I promised myself I'd run for 3 minutes and then walk. I looked down at my watch and saw that only 90 seconds had passed. 

Holy sh-- this was hard. 
 Head on over there to read the whole thing!

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