Saturday, September 24, 2011


I've run 53.09 miles so far this week. This morning's 8-miler was the latest. I wasn't feeling great this morning, and I have a guess why: I didn't hydrate very well last night. It was a Friday, I knew I had a relatively easy run the next day, and so I had a couple margaritas and a couple glasses of wine. All that adds up to a not-great feeling in the morning. It was rainy, but I put off my start for 30 minutes and managed to get in a run without getting much rain at all.

Tomorrow I've got a very tough 17-miler planned, including 9 miles at my new 7:40 marathon pace. I'll be drinking much more water tonight, and I'll have a honey stinger waffle in the morning, so hopefully it will go better than today's run. Assuming I finish as planned, that will be a 70-mile week, the longest week I've ever run (I've come close several times this year but never done more than 70).

Looking forward to this!

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