Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Carbo loading, again

Another race, another carbo-loading regime. The goal is to consume 4.5 grams of carbs for every pound of body weight. I had been hoping to get down to 175 for this race, but as of now I weigh 185, so that's 832 grams of carbs, or 3,330 calories in carbs per 24 hours.

I'm going to follow last year's plan of carbo loading for only 48 hours.

Here's the plan:


First breakfast: Bagel/Cream Cheese (60 g)

Second breakfast: Cereal (80 g), milk (24 g), V8 (10 g)

Lunch: Bagel sandwich w/pb/j (2) (140 g)

Snacks: Apple (29), banana (27), raisins (66), granola bar (17).

Dinner: Spaghetti (1/2-pound uncooked = 160 g carbs), sauce (26), salad (1), bread (40)

That is still only 720 grams!

Extra carbs come from regular coke -- 117 grams in 3 cans.

Total: 837 g


First breakfast: Cereal (80 g), milk (24 g), V8 (10 g)

Second breakfast: Scone (59 g), coffee.

Lunch: Bagel w /pb/j (70)

Dinner: Pre-race pasta dinner (180).

Snacks: 2 apples (58), raisins (66), granola bars (48), banana (27).

Drinks: 3 cans of Coke (117 g)

That wasn't so bad -- 817 grams. The Coke really helps.

Finally, on Saturday morning I will have a light snack when I wake up at 6.


Breakfast: Granola bar (24). Honey Stinger Waffle (21). Possibly a half-banana (28).

Pre-race: 1 vanilla GU at 15 minutes prior to start (25)

During race: 5 to 6 GUs (one every 4 miles, with mile 24 optional) (125-150)

A similar regimen was effective at Richmond last year, so I'm not changing much this time around.

As usual this week, here's the weather update:

Remember, this graph charts the predicted weather for December 8, not the actual conditions on that day. I'd really prefer for these numbers to go down, but I ran in similar weather this morning and it's not too bad.

Just three more days to the race!

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