Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carbs, Carbs, Carbs

Despite research suggesting that carbo-loading isn't usually done well, I've decided to attempt a trimmed-down version of carbo-loading for Saturday's race. The goal is to consume 4.5 grams of carbs for every pound of body weight. I weigh 187, so that's 840 grams of carbs, or 3,360 calories in carbs per 24 hours. 

In the past I've had trouble maintaining a high-carb diet for a full three days before a race -- I just get tired of carbs -- so this year I'm going to cut back. I'll attempt to carbo load for only 48 hours (which the linked article suggests will maximize my benefit). How am I planning on downing 6,720 calories' worth of carbs in just two days?

Here's the plan:

Thursday (today!):

First breakfast: Scone (59 g carbs), coffee.

Second breakfast: Cereal (80 g), milk (24 g), V8 (10 g)

Lunch: Three turkey tacos w/flour tortillas (57 g)

Snacks: Apple (22), banana (56), toast (32), jam (26), raisins (66), granola bar (17).

That's a total of 429 grams. Yikes! I'll still need 365 grams at dinner.

Dinner: Spaghetti (1/2-pound uncooked = 130 g carbs), sauce (26), salad (1), bread (40)

That is still only 646 grams!

To get the extra 200 grams of carbs, I'm going to have to drink them. Excuse me while I head to the store to get some Coke.

Okay, I'm back. Four cans gets me 156 grams. That will have to do. A total of 802 grams of carbs for the day.

Now, for tomorrow.


First breakfast: Cereal (80 g), milk (24 g), V8 (10 g)

Second breakfast: Scone (59 g), coffee.

Lunch: Wendy's spicy Chicken sandwich (55), Baked potato (63), Coke (88)

Dinner: Some kind of pasta at a restaurant (150?). A beer (5).

Snacks: 2 Bananas (112), raisins (66), granola bar (17).

Drinks: 3 cans of Coke (117 g)

That wasn't so bad -- 846 grams. The Coke really helps.

Finally, on Saturday morning I will have a light snack when I wake up at 6.


Breakfast: Granola bar (17). Honey Stinger Waffle (21). Possibly a half-banana (28).

Pre-race: 1 vanilla GU at 15 minutes prior to start (25)

During race: 5 to 6 GUs (one every 4 miles, with mile 24 optional) (125-150)

The research is actually much more definitive about in-race nutrition than pre-race carbo-loading. But seeing as the pre-race loading can help, I'm going to give it a shot.

In the past I have been very, very tired of carbs by the time the race rolls around. For this race, I'm doing only two days instead of three, so hopefully it will work out a bit better.

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