Monday, January 9, 2017

The Shalane Challenge: Day 1 Lunch

This week I'm trying to cook my entire diet out of Shalane Flanagan's book "Run Fast. Eat Slow." For lunch today I made Shalane's Carolina Chicken Tarragon Salad. It's pretty similar to a salad I've made for myself: Chicken, yogurt, walnuts, celery, and apple. But Shalane adds a mashed avocado for a little unctuousness and lemon for a little tartness. She also suggests using both boneless skinless breasts and thighs to add a bit of fat and flavor.

The avocados I bought yesterday weren't ripe yet so I had to go on an expedition to find a ripe one; fortunately the Harris Teeter in the next town over had a good one. Shalane's recipe calls for baking the chicken, but I've always grilled my chicken in the past so I decided to go ahead and cook it my way. She also calls for shredding the chicken but I knew my grilled chicken would be tender so I just diced it.

The verdict: Pretty good! I really like the avocado in there! This recipe is supposed to last all week, so I'll report back at the end of the week to let you know how it held up. I might consider adding another avocado to the mix once mine ripen. I also find her suggestion of Granny Smith apples a little too tart, so I would probably use my old standby, a Fuji apple next time. 

I'm not sure it's quite as filling as my usual standard for lunch, a taco salad, but I'm also quite sure it's lower-calorie, so I can probably make up for that with a snack later today. Which reminds me: It's time to start making some Spelt Banana Bread.

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