Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maybe, just maybe, starting to come around

I've had a rough comeback from my short break in December. I'm not quite back to the level of fitness I had last November, but I think I'm getting there. On Sunday I had a marathon-pace run on the calendar.

Last year, marathon pace was 7:15 per mile. On Sunday I decided to go for 7:30. After a 3-mile warm-up, over 9 miles, my splits were as follows:

6:45 (for 1/2 mile)
7:05 (1/2 mile)

This run included two half-mile stretches at "tempo pace" -- 6:45 was what I was trying for. Other than fading a bit at the end, I pretty much hit my splits.

Then yesterday for just the usual DART run, Chad and I decided on a hilly route and I managed an average 7:46 pace without feeling too winded.

Finally today I had a 6.3-mile tempo on the calendar. I haven't uploaded my splits yet, but as I recall, they are as follows:

6:50 (1/3 mile)

That works out to around a 6:50 pace overall, so just off my 6:45 goal but pretty close, and those 7:03s came on some fairly decent hills.

It's not ideal, but it's better than it's been for quite some time. Next race is the Myrtle Beach half on February 16, so just under 4 weeks away. I had been hoping for a really fast race there. I might have to settle for a sort of fast race, but who knows -- maybe I'll continue to improve over the coming weeks and surprise myself.

Details of Sunday's run are below:

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