Friday, June 1, 2012

Weight update; week in review; getting Loopy

Losing weight is fairly hard for me. I can run 60 miles in a week, eat relatively healthfully, and not lose an ounce. This is not to say that I have been on a deprivation diet, but just that it's not easy. My goal for May was to lose 5 pounds, to go from 190 pounds to 185, on my way to a total weight loss of 15 pounds by the end of July.

Last week I was already down to 183 and feeling fairly confident. Then Memorial Day weekend arrived. I didn't hit up any barbecues, but my wife was out of town and we went out for lunch when she returned on Sunday. Then we went shopping on Monday and went out to eat again. I was back up to 187 by Tuesday morning.

I re-steeled myself during the rest of the week, returned to my salad lunches, and had several salads for dinner as well. This morning I stepped on the scale and...

... I was back down to 183.

Next stop, sub-180 by June 30.

Running has been going okay, but not great. After the race on Saturday, I had planned an 18-mile long run. I knew this would be hard, but it was an extremely warm morning, perhaps near 80 degrees. The first 12 miles weren't too bad, but we were running a hilly route, and by the time we were headed back into town, I knew I wasn't going to make it 18 miles. I ended up bailing out after 14 miles.

I took a rest on Monday but did Pilates.

Then on Tuesday running with DART I felt absolutely miserable. Worse, it felt like I had strained a muscle in my abdomen, perhaps in my Pilates session on Monday. I still managed 9 miles.

On Wednesday I felt a little better, but still not great; I lagged behind the others on the DART run. Between that and working with Chad to nail down the Pick Your Poison 5K route, I logged another 9 miles.

On Thursdays I have been doing speed workouts but given that I haven't been feeling great this week and that I want to do well in Saturday's Miles of Mooresville race, I just did an easy trail run with DART. I could still feel the strain in my abdomen but it was much better. I think I might be in pretty good shape for Saturday. 5.83 miles.

Going Loopy for a Cause
I didn't run this morning because I'll be participating in a fundraiser this evening -- the 24 Hours of Loopy run to benefit Batten's Disease Research. No, I'm not running 24 hours, silly! But Jeff McGonnell is, and he invited me (and a couple dozen others) to run with him for an hour. My session is from 7 to 8 pm tonight. Needless to say, I will be taking it easy, trying to save plenty for tomorrow's races. But if your in the Davidson, NC, area, I'd highly recommend you stop by. If you make a donation, you can ask me or any of the other runners to do something silly, or wear a silly costume. One thing I will be doing for sure is running while reading Green Eggs and Ham to an adoring flock of children. Apparently there will be video.

Even if you can't make it, I'd highly recommend you make a donation to the cause. Batten's Disease may be rare, but it is always fatal when it occurs. Jeff's son is good friends with two teenagers who have the disease, and they are going blind from it. Most people with the disease do not make it through their 20s. Because the disease is rare, drug companies do not invest a lot of money in research, so any hope for a cure depends on the generosity of individual donors. Click Here to find out more about the disease and help discover a cure.

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