Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Plans for the next month or so

In addition to my weight loss efforts, I'm planning a couple of races over the next month or so. On June 2, I want to give the Miles of Mooresville a shot.

This race started as a summer evening race series but has now morphed into a late spring single-morning event. Basically you run a 1-mile race, then a 2-mile race, and then a 3-mile race. I'm mostly interested in getting an official mile time, so I'll run the mile as hard as I can, then play the next two races by ear.

How fast can I run just one mile? I really have no idea. I have a vague recollection of having run a sub-5-minute mile in college, but that now seems impossibly fast. I've done 6-minute miles in races, so I should be faster than that, but how much faster? Maybe 5:30? I don't know, so this seems like a good way to find out.

I'm also probably going to run the Bare Bones 5K in Salisbury. I ran it two years ago in ... hmmm ... let's see -- 23:55. Well I think I've got a pretty good shot at a course PR. I've improved just a tad over the last couple years!

After that I'll be packing for my big trip to Colorado. So far I've only entered one event there, but it's a doozy. I'm planning on running as many hills as possible between now and then.

Training continues apace. On Sunday I did the longest run I've managed since the Blue Ridge Marathon -- 16 miles at a relatively fast pace for that distance, 8:26 per mile. Didn't feel too bad, but my recovery run the next day was not easy!

Details of Sunday's run are below:

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