Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally, a negative split

I've been struggling to regain form for about the last month or so. My runs just don't seem to have the same solid feeling I had in March and April as I was gearing up for Big Sur.

I know a lot of that is due to the warm, humid weather, but I still think I shouldn't be struggling as much as I have been. So today I wanted to put in a solid run, longer than my recent weekday runs. I also wanted to keep a solid pace for the whole run. I decided on an 8-mile route, utilizing the Davidson College trails.

I started out relatively easily, running a 9-minute pace for the first couple miles. Then as I headed into the trails, I picked things up a bit and ran two 8:40 miles. Mile 5 was my only aberration from a negative split, 8:48. I actually was sweating so much at this point that it was dripping down my glasses, making it quite hard to see my GPS. For Mile 6 and 7 I picked up the pace even more, 8:39 and 8:37, despite the steep climb up out of the Davidson Trails. Heading homeward and on pavement again, I ran an 8:00 split for my final mile. Average pace: 8:39. Still not quite March/April pace, but not bad given the the fact I was running on trails in 74-degree, 90-percent humidity weather.

Details of today's run are below:

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