Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did you hear about my new blog?

After a month of planning, yesterday I launched my latest blog, Science-Based Running, which should be a destination blog for runners of all levels. Here's how I explain what it's all about:

The goal of this site is to focus on peer-reviewed research: Truly independent work from experts about what does and does not improve your running. Scientists have conducted thousands of studies on exercise, fitness, and nutrition, but the results are not always easy to understand, so with the help of experts, I’ll try to explain the implications of this research and how to apply it to your training program. It will never be as easy as just gulping down the latest fad nutritional supplement or buying a new gadget, but it should be more lasting.

I’ll also try to look into mainstream media reports to check their claims. Often findings that seem “scientific” wouldn’t pass muster among legitimate researchers.

Hopefully along the way I’ll be informative, entertaining, and most of all, useful, whether your goal is to run faster and win more races or just to have fun and stay fit.

The first two posts are already up: One asks whether running marathons can lead to heart disease, and the other debunks a media report claiming beer is better than water for rehydration.

My plan is to keep blogging about my daily workouts and races here, and write about issues of more general interest to runners over there. Hope you'll add it to your reading list.

Details of today's workout are below:

Today I wanted to do another relatively easy 5.5-mile recovery run, but I was meeting up with Mark, who may have had a slightly different plan. With that in mind, I decided to run without the water bottles, and we took off at roughly an 8:20 pace. Mark was okay with running slower, but somehow we never really managed to slow down, doing the entire loop at the same pace. Overall, the run felt pretty good, despite the stiffness in my right hip and knee due to the IT band issues. Afterwards, I picked up a fantastic donut at our local Saturday Farmer's Market and had a great cup of coffee with Mark.

Garmin Connect is down for maintenance, but I can assure you, today's plot was nothing special anyways.

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