Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Impromptu speed work

I'm not sure what exactly I was thinking this morning. The plan was to run into town and do the regular 6.38 mile DART loop at a pretty quick pace, maybe even 7:30 miles. When I arrived, however, Chad and Jeff were there and neither one of them was interested in going very fast. Jeff only had time to do four, so I decided I'd run four with them and see if Chad was interested in doing a bit more later. After 3 miles at about an 8-minute pace, I decided to see what I could do on the final mile, so I took off and hit the "lap" button on the GPS. As it turned out, there was only 0.79 miles left on the loop, so I got a 1200-meter speed workout. My pace: 6:29/mile. I took a cooldown lap around the block and met back up with Chad and Jeff.

Here's the graph of my pace for the whole run. It's pretty obvious where I started to push the pace.

Someday soon I need to see if I can maintain that pace for a full 5K -- 6:26 miles gives you a sub-20-minute time, which I think I might be able to do if the stars align properly.

Chad and I both needed some more miles, so we ran down to the Davidson College Trails and did the 5K loop at a moderate pace. This gave me a chance to get a good GPS recording of the route. Over at the DART Blog, I've been cataloging our favorite local runs, and this morning I added the trails to the list.

Below are the details for the two runs:

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