Thursday, March 31, 2011

A welcome uneventful run

After yesterday's exciting 14-miler in a downpour, and Saturday's dramatic fall in the National Half Marathon, I was looking forward to today's planned recovery run: 5 miles or so at a relaxed pace in good weather.

To further improve my odds, I waited until after sunup to begin. I also wore two rabbit's feet, had a Tarot reading, and avoided all ladders and black cats. I donned a football helmet, flak jacket, and full riot gear. I mounted an air raid siren on my back to warn nearby cars of my imminent approach, and carried about a half-gallon of mace to ward off any approaching dogs or grizzly bears. [note: the preceding 329 characters may have employed just a touch of hyperbole]

Then, slowly, gingerly, I stepped out of the door and outside. It was a lovely gray morning, birds were chirping, and I had a fascinating podcast to accompany me along my run (Note to self: Do not, under any circumstances, get arrested for a drug offense in southern Georgia).

I ran 5.6 miles, saying "hi" to several runners along the way and thoroughly enjoying myself. The end.

Details of today's run, as usual, are below.


  1. That just won't do. You'll only grow when faced with adversity. Tomorrow could you bonk or something 4 miles from home?

  2. That's a distinct possibility. I am planning 9 miles of hills.