Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keeping up the tempo

I'm starting to get into to the grind of training. Today on the schedule was a 6-mile tempo run. I ran into town for a warm-up, then met Chad and Chris G. for the run. Since Chad was still recovering from a stress fracture, I wasn't sure how things would go. We started off at a slow-ish pace for this distance, 7:49 and 7:51. But I felt good and Chad and Chris didn't seem to want to go any faster, so I took off during mile 3 and reeled off a 7:14 on a downhill leg. Mile 4 was half down and half uphill, 7:34. Mile 5 was a tough slog, always the mile where I really know how I'm going to be doing, 7:45. Mile 6 starts out uphill. I was starting to tire, but it was downhill after the halfway point so I gritted it out in 7:38. Then the last .26 miles were done at a 7 minute pace. Overall, a 7:37 pace. Not bad, given my slow start!

Afterwards I had coffee with Chad and Chris and we talked about the possibility of doing the entire DART tempo run at a 7-minute pace. Chad thinks it's doable by June. I think it's doable if I stay injury-free. My knee seems to be getting better but now I've got some soreness in my calf, which didn't feel great as I jogged the 1.3 miles back home after coffee.


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